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Hi, anyway to send an sms in long format? using MWConn

Verfasst: So 10. Okt 2010, 08:16
von dimasprajoko
Hi, i have been using MWConn and it is great. however does it have the capability for sending sms in long format? if yes can you advise me on the technique to do so? and if it isn't (yet), wouldn't it be a great small addition to the MWConn feature?
:) :) :) :)

Thx for the help and any suggestion

Regards, dimasprajoko

PS: sorry bout the double post

Edited: sorry again forgot to mention i have received long sms and interpreted by MWConn as two separate text message which is fine. The problem is i wanted to send long sms (even if it mean sending it as two separate .txt file in sms_send folder) that is received and interpreted on the receiving side as one single long concatenated sms.

Thx again if any one can help

Re: Hi, anyway to send an sms in long format? using MWConn

Verfasst: So 10. Okt 2010, 11:52
von Opilionn
Hi dimasprajoko,

unfortunately there is no way to send long SMS using MWconn at the moment.
I wanted to add this feature but I failed. There is a header to be created for the SMS content in which organizational information must be stored. - So far ok. But somewhere in the general PDU header must be set a bit which informs the receiver that the content too comes with its own header. I didn't find where the general header must be changed in case of a long SMS.

Do you know something about it?

Re: Hi, anyway to send an sms in long format? using MWConn

Verfasst: So 10. Okt 2010, 16:51
von dimasprajoko
Hi Opilionn,

thanks for your reply. I have been doing some research myself about concatenated sms.
So far this link gives a lot of idea for me on how to further answer the creation of concatenated sms.
And yes, the link does also explain the need of modification to the sms adding a user data header and it is called PDU mode SMS.
I did see a link sometime ago on sourceforge about an external function available on VB and C (# or ++ or VC cant recall) to send a concatenated SMS

I am at most is a newbie scripter since my specialization is in the field of hardware networking and configuration (taking on CCNA at the moment)
However i am interested in programming and so i will post more when i do find a solution to this long sms.
Would love to see MWConn improve and even better if and when i actually gives contribution to its improvement

Regards, DHP

Re: Hi, anyway to send an sms in long format? using MWConn

Verfasst: Mo 11. Okt 2010, 10:04
von Opilionn
thanks for the link!
The Wiki page describes how to build the user data header but I cannot find the information how to modify the general PDU header. I think the general header must be modified too so the receiver will expect a user data header. Otherwise the receiver could not determine for sure if the start of an SMS text is another header or just plain text.

I think I will find out by experiment. Just have to receive a long SMS with MWconn and analyse the headers...

Re: Hi, anyway to send an sms in long format? using MWConn

Verfasst: Mo 8. Nov 2010, 17:45
von Opilionn
Hello again,

and sorry, took some weeks because of a few other projects I had to attend to. Now, there is one beta with preparations for long-SMS support available:

MWconn will follow. Before I care about MWconn, please give me a feedback if these changes I did for ixconn would help you:

Each received part of a long SMS will be preceded by a header. For Example:

Code: Alles auswählen

{l0121}This is the first part (153 text characters because of the 7 characters of the header).
{l0122}This is the second part.
To send long SMS, please use the same header format.

Header format in detail: {lrrmi}
  • l: lower-case letter l for "long";
  • rr: reference number (important in case you send more than one long SMS to the same phone number); the reference number must be the same for each part of a long SMS;
  • m: total number of parts of this long SMS (at least 2);
  • i: index number of this part (starting with 1);
The numbers might appear in hexadecimal representation (0..9, A..F).