Don't get an IP address

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Don't get an IP address

Beitrag von vieuz » Fr 28. Okt 2011, 09:51

sorry I don't speak german, so I will post my question in English

I use a 3G Icon USB dongle with an XP computer.
The dongle is recognized by MWconn
I entered my APN, login and password in the config.exe
When i launch GPRS.exeUMTS.exe, the software find my home operator but it doesnt display if i am connected or not. Anyway, i don't get an IP address.

Does someone have an idea of what is going wrong ?
Thanks for your help

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Re: Don't get an IP address

Beitrag von lagoon » Fr 28. Okt 2011, 15:55

What about a servilog.txt? This may help finding the reason of your problem, so it's strong recommended to post this information ... ;)

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Re: Don't get an IP address

Beitrag von dailycelebrity » Sa 26. Nov 2011, 09:54

I guess it might be some internal software problem. I suggest you to reload the program and turn it on again. I believe it will work fine.