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MWconn crash

Verfasst: Fr 30. Dez 2011, 23:07
von steviej1974
My System: Windows 7 Home premium 64- Bit

Firewall and antivirus disabled

Getting Error:

Once I click on "OK" after configuring network settings the MWconn stops working.

I have turned off firewall and antivirus but it does the saem.

If I try UMTS.exe it does the same once I click on create a Dail-up connection entry " Internet"

If I changed the default "Internet " name to something else it does the same.

I have re-installed MWconn and it does the same.. am I missing a driver file or something?

I have tested it on xp pro and it crashes , also the beta-N version do the same

Any help is appreciated.

Re: MWconn crash

Verfasst: Sa 31. Dez 2011, 10:42
von McRip
The answer is pretty simple. Your Windows 7 is messed up. Some independencies are broken. In the future more software will act up like this. The only way to get it working is to format the disk and reinstall Windows.
I know these are bad news but it is the only way.


Re: MWconn crash

Verfasst: Sa 31. Dez 2011, 11:06
von steviej1974
How can 2 seperate Pc's with 2 seperate Operating Systems be "messed up"

I also had another friend download it which also runs XP and it does the same for him , it crashes.

3 Different pc's can't be "messed up" It is a dll or driver file or something not registering or missing. I am not a programmer but that is what I would guess.

Re: MWconn crash

Verfasst: Sa 31. Dez 2011, 11:29
von hErMeS
Please activate the Service Log and post the Log-File here to see the location it hangs

Re: MWconn crash

Verfasst: Sa 31. Dez 2011, 11:54
von steviej1974
Thanks Hermes, I found why it hangs.
Hopefully this post will help others.

Answer is simple, the 3G modem must be plugged in to create the dail up connection via MWconn.
I attach the 2 Log Files :