constant loss of connection

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In most fault cases it is necessary to create a Service Log
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constant loss of connection

Beitrag von partida » Mi 31. Okt 2012, 09:04

Hi, it's the first time i'm using MWCONN 5.8 on a laptop WIN 7, HUAWAI K 3765 modem (flashed),
I am in Thailand right now, Island, SIM from AIS, i adjusted the config.exe as suggested for Thailand/AIS.
AIS says will be most of the time edge only. Which is okay and i get UMTS from time to time... the problem is i do not manage to get a stable connection, it get's inerrupted all few seconds, sometimes after few minutes ... so the essentials for me: to work via Remote desktop on my computer in india and to skype ... are basically impossible.
I wonder if i did something wrong in the set up...i upload the serilog.txt
It would be great to get some feedback or some help.

Thanks partida.

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Re: constant loss of connection

Beitrag von lagoon » Mi 31. Okt 2012, 15:46

Moved to english section ... ;)

Where ist your sevilog?