Pulling MWConn State Info

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Pulling MWConn State Info

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We are looking to use MWConn as an SMS messaging tool to send messages to groups of people for emergencies and other need to know information.
We have developed a front end for our controllers to give them something friendlier to create their messages in.

This all works as intended.

The problem occurs with attempting to provide feedback to the user through this frontend about the state of the system.
The first feedback mechanism is simply designed to monitor the service which to my knowledge has 3 states - started, paused and stopped - and display a message on the UI, eg: started = operational, stopped = check MODEM.

We have no need for the modem to actually dial a connection, and don' t want it to for the risk of running up a data bill. However the service only enteres a 'started' state when a connection is successfully established.
For our needs, it sits at paused and successfully sends SMS messages when they are queued but having it sitting 'paused' doesn't give us distinct states to monitor and relay to users.

So my question is, is there any way to pull the status messages from MWConn to be used by our frontend?
The messages like:
Start in <10sec countdown>...
Operational Mode GPRS
FFFFF [23480.30011.C3E9]
Sending SMS