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Help connect Huawei e1752

Verfasst: So 24. Okt 2010, 21:02
von SoftICE
I have Huawei wireless terminal e1752 and run AT^U2DIAG=276 to enable network adaptor in it.
After this, at software Mobile Parner appeared connection type "ndis" which makes local area connection instead dial-up. The thing is, I do not want use Mobile Parner as it disables "show windows contents" option in Windows.
Anyway, if I do not run this software, under "Network Connections" the Huawei 3G card shows as "network cable disconnected". It only connects if I connect with Mobile Partner.

I'd like to get the internet work now with MWconn, so I put in information as follows:

At Device tab i choose: Huawei
Serial port: COM8 (did try also COM7, didn't work)
APN: internet
At Connection tab: Connection mode "network, manual" and put in "HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Network Card", "Use NDIS commands".

It tries to connect and I see it recognizing my network provider name. Then it will say: connection error 1 - which means as I understood that network card is not found.

Is there any way to get this working? What should I try? To put something in Service terminal to enable network card first? But what??

edit: inside connlog.txt I found:
2010-10-24 16:51:10'21 Selected operating mode: UMTS.
2010-10-24 16:51:24'41 Connection refused. Error 1.
So that means, need to input some extra commands? If I make connection with dial-up it is working. Only network connection will not work.

Re: Help connect Huawei e1752

Verfasst: So 24. Okt 2010, 21:54
von Hammergott
Why do you want to use the Stick as Network-Card? Use it as Dial-Up,

Connection-Type Automatic, NO NDIS-Commands, Device Huawei,

try Com 7or 8, in Windows Dial-Up Network-Adapter, which should

be created by MWconn, named Internet the active Modem should be

the Huawei-Modem! NDIS-Commands, at the Moment, are only for a

few Option-Cards! Check, if the APN is right for your Provider!

To use MWconn with your Stick as Dial-Up, be sure that no Mobile

Partner Soft/Services are running/active!



P.S.: Read your Edit too late, so only my first question!

Re: Help connect Huawei e1752

Verfasst: So 24. Okt 2010, 22:10
von SoftICE
So the ndis not working with this e1752? :( I need network connection as on Windows 7 dial-up disconnects itself on fast user switching with multiple Windows users. I leave my msn running under my user and go to class, then my boyfriend log in with he's user and it disconnects my msn! I receive no messages from people. Even the dial-up connection is remade, msn will not auto connect itself on dial-up connections, I googled it alrady and no solution for it. So I need ndis...

Re: Help connect Huawei e1752

Verfasst: So 24. Okt 2010, 22:16
von lagoon
I'm afraid, NDIS-Commands will not work on HUAWEI hardware yet, sorry. Maybe in the future Markus will improve this feature, who knows?

Re: Help connect Huawei e1752

Verfasst: So 24. Okt 2010, 22:19
von SoftICE
Oh okey then :( Thanks, anyway.

Re: Help connect Huawei e1752

Verfasst: Mo 8. Nov 2010, 17:50
von Opilionn
I am sorry, NDIS is not possible with MWconn for this device.
Why don't you start MWconn as a Windows service? In this case, the connection would not be disconnected at the user's logout.


Re: Help connect Huawei e1752

Verfasst: So 30. Jan 2011, 12:15
von SoftICE
Hi! Did remember I posted here and wanted to say, I got everything working, thanks alot for the advice :) Great program!