Datum der letzten Änderung beim Editieren von Einträgen

Gibt es Probleme mit der Seite? Hier darf man auch als Gast schreiben
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Datum der letzten Änderung beim Editieren von Einträgen

Beitrag von aisberg » So 14. Sep 2008, 23:12

Man kann Einträge editieren, allerdings wird nicht das Datum der Erstellung geändert und das Datum der Änderung wird wohl nicht erfasst. So kann man eigentlich gar nicht über das Datum eines Eintrages erkennen, ob es da eine Änderung gegeben hat oder nicht, wenn sich der Zeitstempel für "letzter Eintrag" nicht ändert.

Wenn man das aber weiß, dann muss man eben beim nächsten Mal einen neuen Beitrag posten :-)

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Re: Datum der letzten Änderung beim Editieren von Einträgen

Beitrag von cware » Mi 8. Okt 2008, 04:19

habe ich gerade getestet und kann das Verhalten bestätigen... :mrgreen:


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Neuester Beitrag

Beitrag von Haroldensulge » Sa 14. Mär 2015, 20:35

Hallo Flo
Ich habe seid heute Probleme auf einen Beitrag zu antworten.Wenn ich auf Neuen Beitrag hinzufьgen klicke geht es nicht bei etwas lдngeren Text an was kцnnte dies liegen
GruЯ Peter

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Re: Neuester Beitrag

Beitrag von Hammergott » Sa 14. Mär 2015, 21:04

Haroldensulge hat geschrieben:Hallo Flo
Ich habe seid heute Probleme auf einen Beitrag zu antworten.Wenn ich auf Neuen Beitrag hinzufьgen klicke geht es nicht bei etwas lдngeren Text an was kцnnte dies liegen
GruЯ Peter
Kyrillische Zeichen im Text, russische IP aber Wohnort USA?!
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Möge der Hammergott mit Euch sein!

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"At the end of the day, you have to trust the people that are in charge," she said. One brick at a time and before you know it, the wall is built!" or something like that lol.. A little while later a police officer walked by and I asked him if I could give him the cell phone.

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Yeah I think people get the idea that it a perfect 10/10 game from the story and the execution, which are fantastic mind you. They're terrific movies.. If your interested in history Dallas has a lot to offer.. The family member that has passed (or will pass!) may still live nearby, but the banshee also keens for family members who live far away, and so news of the death may not arrive for some time after hearing her shrieks..

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I currently out of the game, quit my corporate job last year to go to grad school full time to try to switch careers. Beautiful Lake Tahoe What could be better than camping in the great outdoors, or living in a rustic cabin where pine wood forest meets the beach? How about cruising over deep blue waters under a wide open sky while having dinner and champagne? Maybe spend the evening in a fabulous resort watching a great show or testing your luck in an exciting casino? A good guess is there is not anything quite so relaxing and beautiful as a vacation in Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada, USA.

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Beitrag von e8RT9so6Xl » So 29. Apr 2018, 08:45

The results of such an action are not clear.. Push this yarn through the cinched end of the sachet and pull it tight to completely close the end of the bag. The palaces of Ancient Greece generally followed the Minoan inspired layout, with its large central court flanked by additional buildings for the King's staff (his "cult"), storage buildings, administration, and public events.

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Other attractive features of Origin include achievements, rewards, auto patching and even cloud saves to keep your game progress safe. The guy leans in and says condescendingly "how old are you?!" Which I reply 33, and ask why. Listen to where the gun shots are coming from, peak down hallways, keep your distance and see if you can catch him off guard.

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Had no interest in movies or television soaps; instead with his ability to speak in multiple languages, sing and dance (unlike his father) he wanted to be in Broadway.. It would be incredibly presumptive to produce a report which purportedly represented every single fans views on the state of the game, and ultimately such a report would be impossible to produce, given that opinions differ so wildly.

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The Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, has indicated that she sees no reason to apologise.2. It's all in context. Traditionally, Korea had folk and classical music that was mostly played in courts. North Korea is the most obnoxious dictatorship out there, no doubt, but it has the same right to defend itself as any other sovereign country in the world.

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Our markets, entertainment, media and through them our culture are thoroughly integrated. As the boys were logging onto their Facebook and Twitter accounts to talk with friends, they noticed a gentleman enter the hotel from the side entrance adjacent to these computer terminals.

Or if you learned French, you would not suddenly have a fine taste for art and cuisine.. It's definitely the community and parenting. He's held, or still holds, numerous records in baseball history.. In most cases, this usually refers to something negative.

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I love the idea of random encounters while out in the world exploring and I also love the idea of tight knit communities with friendships, rivalries, and players that know each other.What games have you previously played?: Pretty much all western mainstream, a couple eastern, not many indie.What is your playstyle (Casual,Semi Casual,Hardcore)?: I dedicate a lot of hours into gaming.Any preferred mechanics?: Fun moment to moment gameplay with an interactive combat system, class customization and a good sense of progression.Anything specific you want to exclude?: Not a fan of P2W, but if it means I only have to sub, then I don mind.

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She was totally fine, just very embarrassed and sore, but I still feel terrible about that from time to time, and that was over a decade ago now.. They'd mix the leftover fish breading with a little water and drop the batter into the hot oil. Though it is contemporary in style, the campus's architects have borrowed from the area's Victorian architecture, adopting such features as bay windows, copper roofs, and covered outdoor areas with an enrollment of approximately 2,500 students.

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Anyway, the bird is happy and healthy and you don't have to keep buying so much bird formula.. It was proven ginger had a significant benefit in their experiment with a controlled study. All this adds to a feeling of frustration, both sexual and plot wise, for the entire movie.

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They belong to every human being that has ever lived, currently lives and has yet to be born. Y'all even used team success to make a case for kawhi last year. Because the quality of Outland and Northrend is really showing their age.. And in doing so, are going to shred absolutely any iota of goodwill with the playerbase in the event that they want to make a truly official release..

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Basically had no self awareness whatsoever. Sure, let's do it. Age of Empires III (3) was again a significant improvement over the second edition. Another variation on this game is to have everyone take off both their shoes and, after tying the pairs together, put them into a single pile in middle of the circle.

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