Service log

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It may happen that you run into a problem using mobile Internet. Then the MWconn protocol function can be of help in retrieving the problem's source. The following descriptions will guide you through the process.

Activate MWconn service log

These steps are necessary to switch on the service log:

  • start "CONFIG.exe",
  • open tab "Log",
  • check "Activate service log servilog.txt",
  • close the configuration by clicking "OK".


After having activated the service log, all important program actions are recorded. Now you can start that program instance which did not operate correctly, e.g. "GPRS.exe".

Deactivate MWconn service log

Subsequent to the experiment it is recommended to switch off the logging function. Not doing so will result in a very big log file and slow program execution.

  • start "CONFIG.exe",
  • open tab "Log",
  • uncheck "Activate service log servilog.txt",
  • close the configuration by clicking "OK".

View the log

The expert as well as the experienced user will get valuable information analysing the service log. To view the log please double-click the file "servilog.txt". This file is located in MWconn folder, just next to the executables, e.g. "GPRS.exe".

Publish the log

For detailed examination it is recommended to publish the service log in one of mobile Internet forums, e.g. MWconn-Forum. Please add a description of the problem too.

Delete the log

The log is written sequentially, i.e. every new section will be appended at the end of the file. Therefore it is useful to delete or rename the log file after you have viewed or published it.